Wiki Notifications

(Lee Strickland) #1

Continuing the discussion from Not receiving notifications for edited Wiki posts unless you are the author:

We use wikis a lot on our community. They act as the method of common editing for a great percentage of the actual work done on it. If there was a simple opt-in method to track changes to a wiki, it would solve most use cases for this and other related issues.

It has been discussed before here on meta but during our communities discussion one members suggests to correct this is have everyone put the date and revision number in the title of every post so people know when it is updated and I think that’s a horrible solution that will really clutter the topic lists. I am steering them away from that idea but a solution where they were notified seems to be the easiest method. I already have said that if they just post in discussion says what they changed and why it will update the topic, but this seems insufficient for about 30-35% of the users.

Thoughts? More info?