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I am trying to solve an issue with an existing forum.

Our members can register on our site (Wordpress) and purchase a subscription.

They should then automatically get a login to our Discourse forum.

However at present they have to click on “” and they get the message that an account has been created and to check their email for a confirmation email which they need to click on.

We want this process to be automated, so I experimented by automatically creating a new user on Discourse via the API when a user signs up our our Wordpress website, and that worked fine. But then we you go to you are told:

“Login Error

An account could not be registered with the email address Please contact the site’s administrator.”

Is it not possible to use the API in this way or does it some how screw up the SSO process?

If you can think of any other solution to our problem I would be very happy to hear.

Many thanks!

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Have you looked at WP Discourse plugin installation and setup? There is information there about this issue. Are you using some non standard WordPress authentication plugin?

Thank you very much Jay, Ive looked at the page you linked to. I cant seem to find any specific information about this problem.
Can you point me to something in particular please?


So you are using wp-discourse?

You might also see Managing Discourse group membership with WP Discourse SSO

This is one section I was referring to:

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