Created_at column in the incoming_links table

In the incoming_links table, what exactly the created_at column means?

I’d like to create a badge similar to a Good Share, i.e.:

select views.user_id, i2.post_id, current_timestamp as granted_at
from (

select i.user_id, min( i_id
from incoming_links i
join badge_posts p on = i.post_id
join users u on = i.user_id
group by i.user_id, i.post_id
having count(*) >= 300

) as views
join incoming_links i2 on = views.i_id

… but I’d like to only count “clicks” in the same year where the post linked to was created.

Will I solve this problem by simply adding a WHERE clause that makes sure that the year of incoming_links.created_at is the same as the year of badge_posts.created_at? Or will this WHERE clause mean something else?