Creating a survey for self-hosted Discourse communities

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

I’d like to put together a little survey for projects that are managing their own Discourse forum. Published results will be 100% anonymous.

I wanna know things like:

  • Who’s their hosting provider?
  • How beefy is their hosting tier?
  • How much are they paying?
  • Who’s paying the bills? (company, donations, private person)
  • What release channel are they on?
  • Are they using any plugins?
  • What’s the rest of their web stack like?

There’s no ETA for this yet.

Do you have any other questions in mind for such a survey?
Please note: I don’t want it to take more than roughly 5 minutes to complete.

I run one such community myself, so I am genuinely curious to know how we match up against other communities such as ours. Are we the only ones using the Stable branch? I wanna know!

It’ll also be beneficial for the Discourse team to learn more about how the trends of self-hosted installs match up against their own offering.

(Joe Seyfried) #2

Hm… maybe the beefy-ness of the hosting machine or VM (ito RAM, sockets and perhaps HDD). Plus the OS they’re using?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Google Docs (the web based Excel clone bit) is very good for short surveys like this.

(Kane York) #4

In fact, a Google Forms form will onebox on Discourse :slight_smile: