CSP error when using third-party library in plugin

After many different tries and approaches, I managed to successfully load a third party library to use in my plugin.

The library is located under public/javascripts/some-library.js.

In my controller, I am able to successfully load the script via:


On some occasions in that file, the library creates Blobs and assigns them to variables that are being used. E.g.

var A=URL.createObjectURL(new Blob(['\n\tsome code snippet...],{type:"application/javascript"}))

And whenever I try to use the library in my plugin code, I get:

Refused to load the script 'blob:http://localhost:4200/f33a6788-a853-4286-883a-48cb8e2c9cc1' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src http://localhost:4200/assets/ etc etc...

What would be the best way to work around this?

Thank you for any help and pointers!

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What if you just add http://localhost:4200 to the CSP?

I’ve actually tried that, and it didn’t change anything :confused:

What about blob:http://localhost:4200?

Tried that as well, but that’s an invalid statement for a CSP :confused:

For anyone stumbling upon this, the correct line to add to to csp script src is blob:

Wait! You don’t need to implement CSP in development, you are not at risk from attackers?

It will also block some developer tools potentially.

Just turn this setting OFF:


I would delay this headache until you have a working plugin testing on a production staging server.

I was indeed in the phase of getting it ready for production, so this was the last headache to be resolved. And besides, I don’t like to delay these things, especially when I need to find out if they could be a potential deal breaker and I need to find another avenue altogether :man_surfing:

Yes but you should be working on the CSP config on the production staging server that has a real internet address.

Localhost is not an internet address! :slight_smile::wink: It’s not even https …

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