CSS Clearfix for `admin-contents`

Can I get a CSS clearfix for admin-content DIV ?

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Aren’t CSS styles removed when you view the admin pages? Unless you apply the CSS in the </head> section I suppose. Is that how you got that bright blue background?

no, but I discussed this with @eviltrout before, we want to remove them unconditionally when you enter admin.

Why? I quite like having my admin interface match the main forum’s design.

You need, at minimum, an obvious way to recover if a CSS compilation error or CSS bonehead error occurs though.

(Boneheaded: body { display: none; })

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Sure, but that’s why the admin interface is loaded sans customizations when it’s entered directly (i.e. browse to /admin in an empty tab) instead of via an Ember transition, no?

Yeah but that behavior isn’t consistent and is generating support requests.

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This request does stem from admin having an issue directly because of “user styles” being applied in admin…
… When visiting admin from an initial normal page load which happens frequently.

For these screenshots I simply added the blue background to the <HTML> tag in Chrome Dev tools after loading admin directly with a dark color only theme (no CSS).

I just pushed a fix that will automagically disable custom stylesheets when you’re entering the /admin section and enable them back when you’re leaving it :bouquet: