Cuss words don't censor?


I’m used to using Hopscotch Forum, as @Nick_S @buildasnowman, and @MobCraft may know, and I’ve tried some things and apparently, cuss words aren’t blocked. I get why they are blocked on Hopscotch Forum because of little kids there, but were all used to cussing, right? The bloody Askimet may be blocking certain posts from new users because of cussing, but I don’t get why our posts have to be reviewed by an admin the second we post them. There’s many people here… Anyways, I just wanna know why cussing isn’t blocked here. @Sam? @CodingHorror?

(Michael Downey) #2

If you’re concerned about people’s language used here on meta, I’d recommend using the flag button.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Because if you do that here you will immediately be deleted and banned forever.


Wait let me try a word that’s blocked on are forum


That’s weird!


Oh! Thank you. <hhhhhhhhh

(Mittineague) #6

Let me try


Works here :wink:

Seriously though, there is the
Admin -> Settings -> Posting - censored word

Though it could help some, don’t count on it.

Just as I posted unicode for the black squares, you’ll find that some can be very inventive at finding ways to by-pass it.

Of course if you do censor a word and someone goes out of their way to post it, you will know it was intended and not done in ignorance.

Off-Topic a bit, but until there is a way to add URLs to Screened URLs this setting works a treat at foiling link drops such as
URLS don’t work with tricks

(Nick S) #7

@Liza_Conrad made it so that different words are blocked on the Hopscotch forums than here since the other forums are for kids. :wink:


That’s because you did numbers and letters

(Nick S) #9

S/he’s testing the censored words by their codes. It appears that here, swear words are assigned by codes.

(Mittineague) #10

Actually, I intentionally posted the unicode that is the code point for the black square. No filtering happened.

The point is, if someone wants to post WORD and it’s filtered, they can post W-O-R-D, W&#216;RD, W\\ORD, W0RD or other tricks to get by the filter.

Sometimes a gentle nudge is what is needed.


Hmm but bullying should not be censorend!


Wait @sam the f word is not censrorend here I know ya’ll are adults but still no one should be saying that!

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #13

Because we’re adults we unfortunately have a large vocabulary of words that we shouldn’t use. Thankfully the Meta community is quite well behaved, so it’s less time-consuming for us to just flag & moderate posts with bad language when they occur, as opposed to pre-emptively censoring all the words that are highly likely to offend.


um do any curse words censor even the n word does not and that’s bad for everyone

(Don’t ask how I know it we learn about history in my homeschool"

(Nick S) #15

Like erlend just said, they are responsible enough to not say these words because people are moderating, plus it’s bad. Either way:


Oh sorry I missed that!

(Jeff Atwood) #17

I tire of this ██████ topic.