Custom domain email with discourse DO setup

Hey guys,

I managed to install Discourse on digital ocean. I used Pepipost as smtp provider.

I got my emails and I can login and register.

Currently I’m using gmail as admin email and I’d like to use my domain name instead, like I can’t figure out how to do this.

My forum currently uses I tried to add MX settings for the email on Digital Ocean domain tab, but my test emails were bounced.

How can I create emails like and use them with my digital ocean setup?

ps: Before installing the discourse I managed to use MX settings on my domain dashboard at namesilo. But after changing the DNS addresses to digital ocean I couldnt add any valid changes and received the notification saying that my dns server names are changed and i have to add the changes from hosting provider.

DevOps really not my strong suite so help is appreciated.

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To set up email for your domain you will need to sign up with an email provider, per:

Whether you have it at or does not matter so much, that is a configuration detail that will be set at your email provider.

If I understand correctly, Pepipost is delivering mail just fine, but you want to change your incoming mail.

One solution for incoming mail is

Another is to set up another Gmail account just for Discourse and then configure Mailgun to receive and forward the email to the gmail account (that’s on the Routes page).


Yeap, PepiPost is delivering the mail fine. All I want is to create my custom domain email. PepiPost now delivers all mails from (where I installed discourse). But I want a custom domain email, like to use as admin user for discourse.

I couldnt get pass Mailgun’s verification process. They are constantly sending me emails to verify the account and then ask for mobile number, which I enter and after that, nothing happens. After couple of tries they just block the account. But its good today still…Yesterday I couldn’t even get pass registration process. Always time outs.

So, can I use a combination of PepiPost for smtp for the discourse and something like google or yandex for incoming mails for * ?

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You might create a support ticket at mail guns and ask th approve the account. It’ll help if you give them a credit card number.

Hey @pfaffman. I gave it to them beforehead. But we figured everything out via support and now I enabled the mailgun. Plus,I added my domain email as well. So all is working. I just need to ad cloudflare CDN and I’m golden


Just want to reconfirm are you facing issues with Pepipost or it’s an email address creation setup which you are trying to do in digital ocean.

I am using Pepipost and the delivery and bounce backs are working properly. In fact, getting a good deliverability rate.

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@Markabel, I would confirm that Pepipost works nicely. I just had some issues setting up the custom domain email. So i found some articles on mailgun and decided to try them.


ok @azaleas,

Find the below steps how to set custom domain in Pepipost

Step 1: Create a sub-domain

Example: If your main domain is, then create a sub-domain and follow the next steps.

Step 2: Point the CNAME record of [SUB-DOMAIN] to

Step 3: Add/Update the TXT record of pepipost._domainkey.[SUB-DOMAIN] to value
“k=rsa; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDLMMExLiGRqzJkNdNIjUnLX7JL0wjbwwENDoXgJIBisIsrofLPetZM401dioNU8k/Qp6nIyi5oioyZh+1jDXoCPFa4nLGRNj3Nz785N7b76aTtHmy2wTgR2LFS/Yw5/iyzhyrWsIyINyyHs77EoCwSOQjJfhFxb6SmifLN51IIvwIDAQAB”

Read More :

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