Custom Domain name issue "forum does not exist"

Hi Folks,

I have a custom domain name called which is hosted on GoDaddy and has a custom CNAME assigned so that users get redirected to .

The issue Im facing is that Im getting the following error. Does anyone know what the issue is ?

I think if you want to use an apex/root domain rather than a subdomain for this (eg. then you’d need a DNS provider that supports it.

There’s some special instructions here that may be useful:


I could be wrong, but your forum is hosted by the Discourse for Open Source program, right?
(I ask because of the domain *

If that’s the case, Custom Domains is not available as far as I remember

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@Alexander Hi there, What other service than the “Open Source” program is there ?

This is relatively new, but sites on Discourse’s Basic, Standard, and Business plans can all be hosted on a subdomain of Custom domains can be configured for sites on the Standard and Business plans. Sites on the Basic plan have to stick with a subdomain of Discourse pricing | Discourse - Civilized Discussion.

Discourse is open source software. It can either be hosted by a hosting company (for example, Discourse’s hosting business) or self hosted. In either case, you are still using the open source version of Discourse. I’m a little biased, but I’d choose to have Discourse host my sites for me whenever possible.


Hi Simon,

Does this mean that if I now own the domain name e.g. “
I can 100% host my discourse forum on that domain if I subscribe to the “Standard or Business/Enterprise” solutions ?

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That’s right. :+1: And as the www version is a subdomain, all DNS providers would allow you to do that.

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thank you folks so much :slight_smile: I will take the plunge and invest in a Standard/Business solution soon.

I could launch the forum now but I feel it would be strange to change the name later on so I will wait until it is ready.


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