Custom Homepage for Groups

Homepage Feature seems to work only for the official Discourse homepages, not for the custom ones this theme component supports. It’s a pity to lose those nice pictures on the homepage…

It would be great if Homepage Feature and Custom Homepage would be compatible, and I’m not sure where is the right place to ask, here, there, or in both places. :slight_smile:

The key is probably a change on Homepage Feature, so that you can specify any Discourse page to display the featured posts. You then would get this TC to point to the page you specified.

@awesomerobot - what do you think?

Hey, I want my homepage to start with the welcome search banner that i installed followed by the categories summary followed by a redditish preview feed of highlighted subjects. I don’t really understand the “group page map” setting in this theme and am wondering if it can fulfill my needs.
Thanks for your time

This component does not change how things look. It changes where users will go when they go to the site home (like by clicking the home icon).

The group map is to allow different groups to get a different default page on the site.

I think you might want Showcased Categories

@afscstagiaire are you looking for something akin to this?

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yes exactly !

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Unfortunately this seems to have broken with the latest core changes.

Hopefully @pfaffman or I can look into it soon.

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Is there a way to automate the homepage settings so i don’t need to type them in manually? I’m allowing some users to create their own categories and their homepage should automatically be set to the category they created.

Merefields plugin used to do this when a group was added to only one category’s permissions it would become their homepage, but the app wouldn’t build with that plugin so i think its not running on the latest discourse.

What’s the issue? Could it be this bug (that’s been fixed)?

Edit: oh yes. Something has changed. I wasn’t able in 5 minutes to see how to fix it. Hopefully I’ll have more time very soon.

Edit: I think it might be fixed. It’s important not to have a leading slash on the path.

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I"m removing broken from this, as I think it’s fixed.


We’ve got another issue which I don’t understand at all I’m afraid.

This is for the TC with nothing turned on at all:

Screenshot 2023-12-09 14.08.10

From what I see, @pfaffman introduced incomplete code in his last change (likely unintentional; see the two conditions without closing brackets) :thinking:


Darn. I added broken back. I’ll have a look next week and see about adding tests though I’d think that should have been caught by the linters.

Sorry folks


I think this time I’ve really fixed it!

And I added tests, so next time I try to commit code with errors in it, I’ll get an email from github, hopefully before anyone else notices.

EDIT: Ooops. That was a different repo that was passing the tests, but I sholud have it sorted in a few minutes.

EDIT: Well, I think the code works, but it’s still not passing tests as whined about here: How to convince eslint that settings are defined? wah

Thanks to @CvX (How to convince eslint that settings are defined? - #5 by CvX) the day is saved.

I can’t remember who once paid for this, but they aren’t paying now. If you’re finding this useful, you can give me whatever it’s worth to you via methods on my not yet launched new web site.


No worry, Jay! Thanks for the fix.

Also, if you have not seen it yet, you left debug messages in the code. :smile:


I’m getting the following error on the latest build, but only when viewed as anonymous and it prevents the site from fully loading:

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That would be me! I’m not actively using it at the moment, though.

Thanks David for the report.


Aha! That would explain why you’re who posted this topic!

Bummer. I sort-of thought that the last changes might have gotten things up to date.

I do something similar on my dashboard, so there’s a decent chance I’ll stumble upon the solution to this sometime soon. To make it a higher priority, please contact me with a budget.


No rush here Jay, I was only using a very tiny feature of it that is not important at all.