Custom links above header bar

Where in settings do you go to change links that are above your header bar? Is this something that is built into Discourse or is this usually a custom backend addition a programmer might have done?

I am helping restructure an old Community and was wondering where in settings to find it? Usually there is an area with Theme - component but when i go there, we see no components to the organizations theme?

Some of the links above the header have expired or changed and really would like to customize with some more relevant links for the organization?

Any suggestions?

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Check this theme component out:


If they’re not part of a theme component they may have been added to the theme itself. Is it a custom theme, or perhaps an edit to the default using the Edit CSS/HTML button from the theme page?


This seems to be the case. Now that I know where it is, I can speak with the developers better. I would like to tinker but i do not want to break anything (if that is the term lol)