Custom Loading Spinner Component

While working on the Grogu theme I implemented a custom loading icon for that theme and thought it would be cool to have a standalone component to customize the loading spinner icon.

This component allows staff to customize the default spinning icon. There are three customization options available via theme settings:

  • icon name
  • icon size
  • icon color

The component only accepts FontAwesome icon name and I recommend picking one of these icons to get awesome spinning effect.

Enjoy, and do let me know how to further improve this component. :slight_smile:


Hello just installed this! An improvement that you could make is to add another colour for dark theme as the colour you choose for light such as #000000 will not be seen on a dark theme.


That’s exactly why the color is customizable via theme setting custom icon color.


No what I mean is that is that the icon colour should invert depending on whether you are on a light or dark theme automatically.

My light theme background is #F0F0F0 and my dark theme background is #000000

Therefore it is difficult to find a colour that contrasts well. I want it to be a white icon on dark theme and a black one on light theme.
Thanks :wink:


For automatic icon colour switching based on theme colours – do not specify any value in custom icon color theme setting.

I have now made this default behaviour via:


Brilliant! Thank you @meghna :heart_eyes:


I love this theme-component, and it works great on the home page. However, in some areas of my discourse instance, it shows the default loading spinner. For example, whenever I’m in the admin panel or user settings. @meghna Any way this can be fixed?

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