Custom Loading Spinner Component

While working on the Grogu theme I implemented a custom loading icon for that theme and thought it would be cool to have a standalone component to customize the loading spinner icon.

This component allows staff to customize the default spinning icon. There are three customization options available via theme settings:

  • icon name
  • icon size
  • icon color

The component only accepts FontAwesome icon name and I recommend picking one of these icons to get awesome spinning effect.

Enjoy, and do let me know how to further improve this component. :slight_smile:


Hello just installed this! An improvement that you could make is to add another colour for dark theme as the colour you choose for light such as #000000 will not be seen on a dark theme.


That’s exactly why the color is customizable via theme setting custom icon color.


No what I mean is that is that the icon colour should invert depending on whether you are on a light or dark theme automatically.

My light theme background is #F0F0F0 and my dark theme background is #000000

Therefore it is difficult to find a colour that contrasts well. I want it to be a white icon on dark theme and a black one on light theme.
Thanks :wink:


For automatic icon colour switching based on theme colours – do not specify any value in custom icon color theme setting.

I have now made this default behaviour via:


Brilliant! Thank you @meghna :heart_eyes: