Custom status message in front of header and other elements

Problem description:

The custom status message of the user does not get hidden by the banner even when the post that the user saw is gone, hence making it not visually appealing.
Attached is a picture of the problem:

Expected behavior:

Status message is hidden by the banner

Actual behavior:

Status shows in front of the banner.

Steps to reproduce:

Click on a user’s custom status, and scroll up, until the post is gone from sight. Then, you will still be able to see the status mssage in front of the banner at the top of the page.

Bug appears at this link:

(I am not sure if this is just me)


Replit app/Android /Samsung Galaxy

Similar occurrences:

I have found that it is in front of the bar where you can go back or go forward.
Here’s a handy picture:


I can repro it:

Thanks for the report :+1:


I took a look at this. Two important things:

  1. This happens only on mobile
  2. This happens not only with user status tooltips, but also with some other tooltips that are also implemented using the DTooltip component

On desktop, we use the mouseenter event as a tooltip trigger. When the mouse leaves the tooltip, it disappears, so everything works smoothly.

On mobile, the trigger for tooltip is a click, and for tooltip to disappear user have to click outside the tooltip. Because of that, the tooltip doesn’t disappear when scrolling. This is the default behavior of tooltips made using the tippy.js library that we use under the hood.

I’m working on the fix currently, and already have a working draft. The solution will be to hide the tooltip when scrolling on mobile. And that’ll fix all the DTooltip based tooltips.


Here is the fix for the problem in topics:

For some reason this doesn’t work in chat, I’ll investigate and fix it in a follow up.


it’s happening on my iPad in desktop view as well as mobile. in Safari, Chrome and Firefox on iOS 16.6.

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Hi @andrei !
I’m sorry to say that this bug still appears in a Discourse forum (A different one this time).
It also appears in this topic…


It doesn’t look like the fix is merged yet, so you may have to wait a little longer to test. :+1:


We’ve just merged the fix, it’s in the main branch now. Remember it only solves the problem in topics, there is a similar problem in chat, which will be addressed separately later.


Hi @andrei !
I see that the header changes and the status fades when it reaches the top. Is this the fix?

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The fix makes tooltips fade when scrolling. After the fix, on touchscreens tooltips fade when you start scrolling.

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Right. Thanks for the fix!

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Hey everyone!
This appeared again on another forum.
Other forums like this and Ask fades the header, but that forum does not.
May I add that if you scroll up quickly when the status is still being shown, it will overlap, but the header won’t react fast enough to hide it.

  1. The header itself doesn’t hide them
  2. Don’t base any bug reports on SB’s forums, it’s practically always out of date.

Similar to another bug I reported about the custom status being in front of something, here is another one:

As you can see, the status is still visible, overlapping the sidebar even though the user is scrolled away from view.

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As you can see, the custom status strikes again!
I have found that it is in front of the bar where you can go back or go forward.
Here’s a handy picture:

Another custom status issue:
It seems that the custom status has problems.

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@NateDhaliwal thank you for reporting these problems!

Note that, more precisely, the problems are related to components that we use for showing rich tooltips across the app. We use rich tooltips for showing status, but we also use them for other things. So potentially the similar issues can be reproduced with other tooltips too. The fix I provided above fixed only the most general cases.

We’re currently working on more changes to the components for rich tooltips, so there’ll be more updates here. We’ll take care of these problems.


There’s one more: in the chat:

I believe this was mentioned already:


@joffreyjaffeux has made a major rework of the tooltips (and other popups) in

As a part of that work, the issues described in this topic has been also fixed. I’ve just tested and

  • there are no overlapping of status tooltips in chat
  • tooltips disappear when opening sidebar
  • tooltips don’t appear above the bottom navigation toolbar on mobile