Custom tags?


Is there a way to add custom tag that would be replaced by custom javascript and HTML tags ?
Example, <my_custom_tag>custom tag content</my_custom_tag> that would be replaced by html tags that I can define, is there a way to do so?

Have you a practical example of what would you to be the result, based on your example <my_custom_tag>custom tag content</my_custom_tag>?

And what would be the goal (in terms of features) of such “custom tags”?


Check out the Beginner’s guide to developing Discourse Themes. And including information about your problem rather than a solution might help get better answers here.

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For example, I am thinking to embed a clickable image into forum for discussion, that will open a specific URL in a new tab when users click at, also image glow when mouser over.

So, ex: <custom_tag>432345</custom_tag> then be replaced with the html template to show the related image with required clickable behaviour and mouse over glow.

Users will get the custom tag as generated from my application.

Sounds a lot like Mentionables

(Which at the time of writing is broken on the front end. I will fix it very soon. I recently PR’d to fix the BE)