The Mentionables plugin lets you establish a custom mention dataset. Custom mentions work the same as @users or #categories, but use data external to discourse, including linking to external urls.

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Currently google sheets is the only supported data source, however the plugin is designed to support any source. If you’d like to add a new source, please contact us.

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Can topics be filtered by mentionables? I was thinking of creating a US state dataset, so each post can be related to a state.

Not currently. How are you thinking the filter would work in an abstract sense? You can estabilsh any external dataset as a mentionables set. Perhaps you can use an additional column in the data that informs how posts with custom mentionable data would be ordered. Then you’d also need to deal with situations where mutiple mentions were made in the same post. If you scoped out the feature in some detail in an abstract sense we could get a sense of how much it would take to implement it.

Originally name was optional and could be derived from og tags - this was lost during a refactor.

I’ve pushed a fix: make name optional again · paviliondev/discourse-mentionables@a7007b2 (

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