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Hi @Angus,

I think I’ll use this plugin as it gives more options to add some nice features in the future (ie. asking for feedback and record it in a category for Staff only and more…)

Something I cannot figure out is how to add a date to a field (I guess to a Custom Field in Actions).
Say I want to send newsletters for a year, I would create a Profile Field “send me newsletter for 12 months” and record the acceptance date so I can stop sending it 12 months from that date. How can I record the date when this option has been accepted?


(Jaron Easterbrook) #208

@gingerman I don’t suppose you found a way to implement this? I have the same use case: different membership levels based on the answers to data completed in the sign-up process.

Since I’m sending out lots of invites, it would be great if there wasn’t a need for a static website, but I’ll take what I can get.



OK so after pressing at the same time volume down and the power button on Android to obtain a screenshot…

Here you can see that the location selection box overflows the wizard box. Noted that this is on mobile but I saw an occurrence on desktop as well with lots of results. (Try “Les Halles”, “Paris”)

I guess it’s fine for the mobile version of the wizard to scroll, and adding an overflow-y somewhere should fix the problem on desktop.


This is unrelated to my previous post: a user with Internet Explorer (does that still exist?) reports that the wizard is not showing up:

The user tried to access the wizard while being logged out, then retried after he logged in, to obtain the above result: maybe some cache? I tried to reproduce with Firefox to no avail.

Meanwhile, I found that returning to the wizard after closing it automatically comes back to the last visited step. Is there a way to force coming back to the first step? Even if there’s already data there, it might be useful to review it and click ‘next’.



I created this as a sample: to confirm that users are over 16. I have noticed that the Custom User Fields appear like this:

but when I use the wizard, populates them like this:


Is there a way to make it say “true” of “yes”? I have had to explain a few times what the “t” means…

Also, if I wanted to show the date of when it has been accepted (for other fields), what else I would have to add to the wizard? This is the set up:

I would really appreciate some help as I am stuck.

I know there is the Submissions area where I can see all submissions but I would like to show the date in the user Admin Profile.

Could I access the Submission list from the database? I looked with DataExplorer but could not find it. It’d be handy to be able to retrieve a list of the submissions.


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I just realized that if the wizard is set to trigger for all new sign-ups, it will probably trigger regardless of whether people are signing up via an invite link or via “ordinary” sign up, right?

At least in my use case, that is likely to lead to some confusion so I’d like to be able to distinguish between wizards for both types of sign-up… :grimacing:


I think that’s what the translation key is for. You could try setting it to the translation key for true or yes.

Sorry I can’t help you on your other question.


Thanks @hellekin

for what I can see, the translation keys affect only lables, such as the title of the Steps set and the lable of the Fields used, still adding only a “t” .

I’ll keep experimenting with this, maybe others have experience with this or the date field.

All the best.