Custom Wizard Plugin

Thanks for the report. Could you give a few more details? How do you know it’s broken?

edit. is currently on 2.5.0.beta1 and the plugin is working there.

Are you seeing a specific issue? If so, please report it using this custom wizard: Bug Report


Hmm, checked again this morning and it seems to be working ok. Basically, the whole layout was broken. Did you makes some major css changes in a recent release? Sorry about the false positive here.

Btw, any chance you could take a look at my suspected bug report posted above and also on your pavilion site?

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Is there any guide to this that I am missing? I’m trying to figure it out on my own but running into a lot of roadblocks. Here are some questions:

  1. I am trying to create a topic with an uploaded image, but when I use w{image} in the Builder I get this in the post. I’m guessing I need to use Topic Fields? If so, what parameters do I use?

{"id"=>"17099", "url"=>"//", "original_filename"=>"DSC_2513 - NPN 1500px 2020.03.07.jpg", "filesize"=>"422440", "width"=>"1500", "height"=>"956", "thumbnail_width"=>"690", "thumbnail_height"=>"439", "extension"=>"jpeg", "short_url"=>"upload://n506tVd67Ud4VTMlxqt8nIZPTPD.jpeg", "retain_hours"=>"", "human_filesize"=>"413 KB"}

  1. Is it possible to have conditional parameters? For example, if someone checks a checkbox then add a specific tag to the topic?
  2. Is it possible for the tagging rules of the category to show in the wizard? So if I have restricted tags in a category I only want those to show up in the list in the wizard. If not, can I restrict this to one tag group? Right now it’s only displaying a test tag and I’m not sure where that’s even coming from.
  3. Can the results of a dropdown be returned in the Builder as the Value rather than the Key? Also, the dropdown displays <p>VALUE</p>, can the paragraph tags be removed from the dropdown?
  4. Is it possible to have two sets of questions in the second step based upon an answer in the first step? For example in step 1 I would ask ‘would you like this image critiqued?’ with a simple yes/no or checkbox, then in the next step they would get a set of questions that would vary depending on their answer in the first step.

Here’s where I’m at so far with the settings

And a request for Angus; when you click on the image preview for the uploaded image in the wizard, can it open in a new tab? Right now if you click on it the image opens but when you go back everything you inputted into the wizard is lost.

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I’m going to start writing a guide to this plugin this week. I’ll address your questions soon.


Angus will of course be your source of truth, but I’ve worked through a few of these problems,

I’ve had success with

And I have been requesting specific sizes and placing them with, ![image|866x650](w{image})

I may not fully grasp your issue, but if you only have text values in the “Value” field, and blank in “Key”, you won’t have these html tags or encoding issues.
Values seem to be passed through to the “submissions” tab and the data-explorer.
Though, I am pretty sure this is a bug that will be resolved eventually.


Delighted to tell you that I’ve added number and url types to the Custom Wizard with associated validation

Please update your Plugin to pick up the changes. Enjoy!


Did you manage to combine Custom wizard with Event ? Generally, I’m surprised at the number of options. Thanks to .


To your surprise, we’re working towards it currently. It’ll be rolled out in around a week’s time.


Thanks.It looks really good. I just got here and I have a question right away. I see that there’s option Send to Api. Is there the reverse option, i.e. receiving data from the API ?

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Could you explain the use case you’re thinking about?


Yes, Maybe instead of writing, I’ll put a picture that better illustrates:

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