Custom Wizard Plugin

Thank you very much @Ellibereth! I have opened the issue here :smiley:

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Hey @SvenC56, can you post a link to the wizard you’re trying to create along with screenshots of the corresponding settings? If you don’t want them in the topic feel free to message them to me.


I did some testing and found this occurrence. If the field is a textarea it’s fully working. If I set it to composer I get this weird error.

Using Textarea:

Using Composer:

See the following fields are completely missing.

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Hey @SvenC56 sorry for the slow response - that seems to indeed be a bug - I submitted a bug report for you:
custom-wizard: Fields after field with composer type don't show - Bug Reports - Angus' Sandbox.


Is any way to show more than 10 columns in Submissions?

Hi @Ivan_Rapekas,

Is it not letting you scroll the submissions table horizontally? That was the case for me using Chrome. I updated some css and it works for me now how I’d like it. I put the changes on github, maybe it will help you:

It looks like you have a scroll bar under the submissions table, though, which I didn’t have, so I’m not sure if this will address your situation.

Hi @spacerest,

Yes, scroll was not work in Firefox for me. I tried your CSS changes, they work as expected! Probably they can merged. Thanks you for this great plugin and support!

One more question, is any way to create a survey for anonymous visitors?

Thanks, I’ve merged your changes :+1:

Not yet, but soon I think.


I love the idea for import/export wizards!

If anyone else is interested in the feature, make sure so vote on the feature request here


Hi @angus

Thanks for creating this great plugin, it’s just what I’m after. I’ve just installed it on Discourse v2.3.0 and configured it to update the user profile bio but get an error when trying to save the action, can anyone tell me what I might have done wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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Hey @richbrennan, thanks for this. It looks like you’ve discovered a bug actually. Will check and get back to you.

*edit, bug fixed. Please update the plugin and try again.

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i found this issue too , already inform my developer to solve it , good job angus once my site done and get donation , sure i will do donation for u .

Hi @angus

Thank for fixing so quickly! I’m happy to confirm that it now works.

I also have a question if you’d be kind enough to help. I need to confirm some user email notification preferences during sign-up, hence using the wizard plugin.

I’ve created a field on the wizard that replicates “Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic” but don’t know how to set the destination field in the action (its not under Profile Field), can it be achieved using ‘Custom Value’, or is there another way to achieve this?

Many thanks,


Hi Sean , im not sure my issue is same with u , i trying use post build to show picture to create a topic and show that picture at post , i did tried that upload field types with upload and image both , but end up the result showing a link without the whole picture display at post.

the link like this : /uploads/db1001/original/1X/fe138ef7cc9ff3c4fc3e13983f4063cf2c59735e.jpeg,

@angus i facing the issue when i create a action to create a topic and upload pic to post . it just show a picture link but without the full image . i used [ upload ] and [ image ] both selection but the result still same just the link without showing picture.

the result like this :

{“id”=>“400”, “url”=>"/uploads/db1001/original/1X/30f30c4a296d809a1ee68196e017fe095bd693d3.jpeg", “original_filename”=>“42BCD167-D88D-446A-A64C-BABAA8EF67A7.jpeg”, “filesize”=>“2420968”, “width”=>“2448”, “height”=>“3264”, “thumbnail_width”=>“375”, “thumbnail_height”=>“500”, “extension”=>“jpeg”, “short_url”=>“upload://6Z1E5hc4a1yuIigt2krULK7CQAb.jpeg”, “retain_hours”=>"", “human_filesize”=>“2.31 MB”},

After tried to submit , just found out my submissions was empty nothing here , may i know what i should check and and show u guys where have wrong and fix it ? because i asked developer to solve my issue always .

@BishopV Do you have “Save submissions” turned on? Concerning your issue, you won’t be able to add uploads into a post in that way. Try the “composer” field type instead.

@richbrennan Entering email_level in the Custom Value field should work after the latest commit. Note that that value needs to be a number between 0 and 2.

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Yes angus , I did saved submissions and tried with chrome and safari browser but still nothing showing .

U mean if I would like to let member upload picture and showing at [create topic > post ] i need to choose field type “composer” instead of upload or upload image ?