Custom Wizard Plugin 🧙

Is it possible to create wizards in different languages and automatically select the version with language of the user interface?

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This is an encoding issue in the url generated by the “Open Composer” action. I’ve addressed it and added a test

Not yet. That’s a possible feature though.


Thanks Angus, that fixed it! On another note, what should a normal load time be for a wizard? I’m seeing anywhere from 2-10 second load times, usually around 5 seconds which is pretty awful for ux. Any ideas on what may be causing this?

When the load times are really slow this seems to be the culprit, I can send the json of the waterfall if needed


Hey all! I seem to be finding a bug multiple times. Every time I attempt to publish a wizard, this seems to be a recurring error where only one word will show up and there will be no place to put the file. There’s also no composer or anything. Am I the only one having this issue?

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When did you upgrade? It’s possible you’ve discovered a breaking change. What’s in the javascript console if you look at that on desktop? Any errors?

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Not exactly sure, I work with @michaeld
and @RGJ from discourse hosting so they could probably answer that question a little bit better than I could


I am seeing an error regarding bannerImage And getUrl.

This bug was fixed 5 days ago but that version was not deployed on your instance yet. I have updated the custom wizard plugin on your instance and this seems to have resolved the issue.


Thanks Michael, for some reason this didn’t show up in the sidebar as a reply… sorry for the late response but thank you!


In the footer of the wizard, my logo looks…questionable.

Any idea what’s going on here?

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Alright non-tech discourse users. This tool is for you. After lots of trial and error I created a middleman function for my site.

on the back end, you can use the showfields button to add all variables of the wizard into the new message/post/whatever.

Which results in a message like this for my middleman group.

Thank you pavillion team!


Thanks for sharing Mike :slight_smile:

If you’re open to it, would you mind posting this, along with an exported .json file (from the “manager” - you can upload .json files on, in a new topic in the Custom Wizard knowledge category (tag it “wizard-template”):

I’m thinking of adding a panel to the plugin admin called “Templates” which would pull uploaded templates from topics tagged wizard-template on and allow you to one-click import them onto your site.


Sure. Its a fairly niche / basic utilitzation of the tool but if it helps a basic user like me, absolutely.


Hi, me again! Thanks for this plugin, it’s been exceptionally useful for streamlining some of the activities on my site. I have a couple notes / curiosities that I wanted to ask about:

1 - on submission, our wizards will submit the information as a new topic to a Group. This works fine, but I’ve noticed that when new topics are created this way, I am getting two notifications instead of just one.

This isn’t a big deal to me, but for the other person in the group, they have email notifications turned on and they are receiving two emails as a result! We have tested having a member write a basic Group message instead and only one notification results, so I think there is something about the Wizard submission that is causing this. Is this something that could get looked into?

2 - super minor, my members keep telling me that the buttons on Wizards show en_us.wizard labels instead of the actual button labels. We have deduced that this is potentially due to members not selecting a location in their Discourse profile, which of course you are not able to do anything about, but I’m wondering if it’d be better for there to be a default locale selected or something as a result?

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