Custom Wizard Plugin


First of: I love this Plugin. However (as most people in here) I have a Question/feature Request

Do you Plan on adding a functionality that enables us to actually change user settings? Like the stuff in the email preferences.

Quite a few Admins use Discourse to replace old mailinglists. It would be a blast to have the ability to enable Mailinglists directly in the “first visit” wizzard without relying on users to dig through the settings. With the Daily Summary plugin we could even have users choose between direct E-Mails and the daily Summary.

A somewhat advanced feature would be the ability to ask, if users are interested in certain niche categorys and (un)mute them so they don’t appear in the mailinglist.

I think changing certain settings in a “first visit” wizzard would be beneficial to a lot of admins as they can present some Important Settings right at the start. This could greatly reduce user requests for the Support.

Thank you once again for your absolutely awesome work on creating and supporting this Plugin!

(RBoy) #125

Yes I did see that but the “Confirmation” only allows for a single line input making it difficult to even put in a basic set of options like:

[ ] The forums service can send me emails when my forums user is messaged, quoted by, replied to, mentioned, or invited by another forums user.
[ ] The forums service can send me a weekly digest email of popular topics and replies.
[ ] I agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.

Assuming that once can use HTML embedded code like shown here, one is still limited to just a single line with a hyperlink to a third page.

One is still limited by the number of characters that can be entered in the single (so I can’t use <br> to add multiple lines)

Am I missing something here?

(Christoph) #126

I’d like try this plugin on one of my forums but I’m not sure it can do what I’d like it to do: when a new user signs up s/he is asked by the wizard which of the following groups s/he would like to join. Clicking on a group will either add him/her to the group or bring her/him to the “request access to this group” page.

There are probably a couple of other ways to do this but the idea is to help new users who don’t have a clue how to access a specific group (some may not even understand that they need to join a group to see the information they came for) to apply for membership in the correct group. An additional purpose (which requires additional functionality) would be to automate the granting of group membership based on a password that they provide.

If my suspicion is correct and this is not currently possible, a work-around (that would still be helpful) might be that The wizard asks relevant questions (e.g. what is the password for this group) and then sends a PM to me with that information. That should be possible, right?


I want to report a bug I found.

The checkbox ‘After signup’ in the wizard settings is not working when ‘must approve users’ is enabled in the discourse settings.

The workflow I wanted to create with this plugin is as follows:
A user signs up -> Admin has to approve account -> User can log in -> User get redirected to wizard to accept the community guidelines

I attached 2 screenshots to show my settings.


I found another bug.

Checkboxes don’t seem to have a default value. I created a wizard to post a new topic. The topic should be hidden except when the checkbox is checked.
If I don’t touch the checkbox and click on submit, I get an error. Once I double clicked (enabled and disabled) the checkbox, everything works fine.

I attached 2 screenshots to show the errors message and my settings.

(Angus McLeod) #129

Unfortunately this is not currently possible.

Yes, this is possible using the Send Message action.

This will work now.

They should now :evergreen_tree:

(Felix Freiberger) #130

Is it possible to fix typos or make other minor edits in a wizard after it has been launched with an after time setting?
If I just try to make the change and save, I get the error After time is invalid. because the time no longer is in the future.

(Angus McLeod) #131

I’ve been meaning to fix this for some time. Thanks for raising it :slight_smile:

(Felix Freiberger) #132

Wohoo! Thanks :heart:

(Felix Freiberger) #133

Hm, wait a second. I just installed the update, but still couldn’t save my changes.

These are my wizard settings:

I tried changing the minimum length of a field and still got the same error when trying to save after 15:06 passed.

(Angus McLeod) #134

Ah indeed. I read your post too quickly and just fixed the issue that had been bugging me, which was slightly different from your issue.

I think this should fix your issue:

(Felix Freiberger) #135

I can confirm that this works fine now :+1:
Thanks, again :slight_smile:


I encountered two problems :frowning: Currently I’m using this version of plugin

And this version of Discourse forum (beta branch)

  1. According to this commit:

all checkboxes should be true, but apparently that’s not the case for me since I upgraded plugin. My submissions look like that:

Firstly I thought that this is connected to the fact that I’m testing it on account which had submitted event already, so I checked on new accounts and it’s still false. Could be this connected to the fact that beside checkbox there is a “Confirm” (Zrobione) button?

  1. Above situation takes place on my dev (sandbox) forum. As you can see, Submissions tab and events are working. What’s weird, it isn’t working on my production forum. I have same plugins installed and I check each upgrade on dev before upgrading production. Unfortunately I didn’t check it thoroughly last two times, so I can’t tell when exactly clicking events in Submissions tab stopped working. When I click my event I get 404 page. I tried direct link and it results in 404 too. Last time I checked, it worked around first week of June.

Frankly I don’t know what to do. I need to check which users agreed to privacy policy and I can’t do it. I tried to reproduce this error on dev, but no luck so far :frowning:

(Angus McLeod) #137

Sorry you’ve having a tough time with this.

However, I’m not entirely sure what the issue is? Perhaps I’m misunderstanding something in your description.

All checkboxes will be boolean (true or false) if the user actually submits the wizard.

From the looks of things, you need to:

  • Make the wizard required (i.e. the user can’t skip it).


    If the user skips the wizard, the check box will be neither true or false.

  • Make the field required (i.e. the user has to select it to continue).


  • Not allow multiple submissions by the same user:


Those who have ‘true’ in the field_1 column in your screenshot have agreed to the privacy policy. Those who don’t haven’t.

Also, I suggest you take a look at the Discourse Policy plugin which may suit your use-case:


I haven’t changed it since 9th May, both dev and production.

One person did a short vid how it looks like when he registered new account on dev. He agrees (checks checkbox) and it’s still false. I uploaded it on youtube, so you can check it out:

Also I found fatal error in logs today, maybe it will help to solve this mystery? I caught it on production forum.

(Christoph) #139

For what it’s worth: To have new users agree to your privacy policy or ToS etc you don’t need a plugin. You can just create one or more custom user fields and make them required ar signup. I would actually argue that that is the correct way of doing it because you have people agree before they submit their data, not after.

(Angus McLeod) #140

Yes, there was an issue with the boolean casts of checkboxes in some circumstances.

Sorry for the problem this has caused you.


I realised this problem affected my GDPR-related wizard, so I’m going to have to ask users to fill it in again. However, if I go back to the wizard when I’ve previously filled it in, the checkboxes are already checked, and if I save again, the saved submissions are still ‘false’. I have to uncheck and recheck them in order for the submission to record ‘true’.

Any suggestions how I can get round this? Thanks.

(Carlo Kok) #142

I’m having a curious issue with this plugin.


shows the submission for the 1 wizard I have; clicking it redirs to:

which then shows a 404 error.

There’s nothing in the log file.

Editing it seems fine:

(Angus McLeod) #143

@aclarke I’ll handle your case via pm.

@carlokok I’ll take a look tomorrow.