Customize BBcodes from admin panel

(Maestro Magnifico) #1

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This plugin must be created, fellas! It’s not right that users can’t customize BBcodes from admin panel. For example, I want to add new BBcodes - strikeout text, underlined text and also second spoiler (old fashion) for hiding very long texts. The only way I can add them now is via JS.

ADD: Also videos from doesn’t embeds automatically. So I would like to add a BBcode for them.

(Jeff Atwood) #2





This already works? So what’s the problem again?

(Mittineague) #3

I believe it’s about adding other “bbcodes” i.e.

But not wanting to write a Dialect plugin, would prefer an Admin UI that would do it.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

No, we have no plans to allow custom BBCode, that doesn’t mean anything.

Did you test it at Iframely URL Debugger - Open Graph, Twitter Cards, oEmbed ? Does it support OpenGraph or oEmbed?

(Maestro Magnifico) #5

It shows “403 - error - Requested page error: 403” so I don’t think so.

testy test

Holy anabolics! Why didn’t you add buttons for those codes too? I had no idea they were there.

testy test And centered text doesn't work.

(Régis Hanol) #6

BBCode doesn’t work very well with Markdown. That said, we did build a BBCode plugin that enable most of the BBCode available in vBulletin.

(Maestro Magnifico) #7

I like Markdown method better, but unfortunately it have lack of functionality right now. Thanks for the plugin, gonna try it out.