Customize the "reply to" address in new private message notification emails


I’ve got a crazy old userbase. Most of my users are 45 - 65+ years old. A lot of them aren’t super technically inclined. And one thing i keep seeing them do is click “Reply” in their email client to reply to a private message notification. Despite the fact that i have put the reply to email as: no-reply@… and the name as Do Not Reply. They still do it.

So i was thinking, perhaps instead of fighting it, i could just make it easier for them. Would it be possible to make the reply to email auto populate with the private message sender’s email address? At least this way the email responses go to the right place instead of a dark pit.

My discourse:


Why don’t you configure built in support for email replies? Use our howto on the topic, in the howto category here.

Then they could reply in email and it will be posted on the site.

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Excellent solution. thank you.

Gonna leave the link here incase someone else finds the thread via google: