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We have a site in php(laravel framework) and want to use our own login/sign up method instead of using discourse login/signup- meaning we would like Discourse to use our existing website user database for authentication, how it can be achieved?, is it possible to do this kind of changes/customization when discourse host our forum? also are there any limitations on customization?

Search here for "SSO’ the wp-discourse plugin has an implementation in php.

ok, is it possible to do customization when discourse host our forum?

You should be able to make your site compatible with the standard discourse SSO interface, so if your plan supports SSO you’d be in good shape.

if we customize sso, For the existing our site users that uses email/password would they be able to use discourse?

The purpose of single sign-on is to re-use an existing sign-on session. If you implement SSO correctly your users would be redirected back to your website and if they’re already signed in they would be seamlessly signed in and redirected to the Discourse site. If they aren’t already signed in to your site then they would complete the sign-in process and then be redirected back to Discourse.

Discourse wouldn’t use the emails and passwords from your other database directly, SSO relies on your existing site handling things like authentication and email verification. It assumes you’re already doing those things with a goal of keeping things to one set of credentials and a single authentication challenge.

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We have a site called, half our registered users uses google to sign in and the other half uses email/password. Can all of them use discourse without re-registering?
If yes then how?

Your site would need to support Google logins and all discourse users would need to have accounts on your system.

The first S in SSO stands for Single.

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