Dark theme header text and icon contrast

On the latest Discourse with the dark theme enabled, there is very little contrast between the header text and icon colors (#333) and the header background (#111). On older screens it can be hard to read. The dark theme on meta sets these colors to #ddd, that works well.

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You can set a font of the font you want in Custom

Yes, it’s easy to fix, but the default should be something that works.

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Any thoughts on this @eviltrout perhaps this is a regression?

This is weird - I picked Dark Theme and my header is quite readable:

It’s set correctly on meta, but it looks like the default value of the header_primary color for the dark theme is #333333.


Weird – it’s been set to that dark color for ~6 months so I’m not sure why it’s showing up now. It’s possible during the clean up of our CSS/HTML we removed a rule that shouldn’t have existed that was overwriting it. Here is a fix: