Data-Explorer Automated Emails?

Is there a way to configure Data-Explorer to run specified queries and email the result sets to an email list on a regular schedule?

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Sorry for the much delayed response. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that’s possible currently, though I’ll slide this over to feature for consideration. :+1:

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Could the feature be the ability to apply bulk actions to Data Explorer results, similar to the way admins can apply bulk actions to a topic list? The options for queries that return users could be things like:

  • send a PM
  • add to group
  • remove from group
  • grant badge

These are tasks that can be performed now by copying the results of a query into a PM’s recipient input, or a group’s Add to Group form, or by downloading a query’s results as a CSV file and uploading the CSV file to the Badge bulk award form. Being able to perform the actions directly on the query results would streamline things a bit.

For queries that return topics, the options could be similar to what’s available now in the topic bulk actions modal.

Possibly I’m getting too far away from what the OP is asking for here.


Actually… I may have panicked a little and got my facts wrong.

I think it is possible to do this using the ‘Schedule a PM with Data Explorer results’ automation. This will send a PM, which (depending on your ‘Email me when I am sent a personal message’ preferences) will also send out an email.

You can also set an email as the recipient directly too. :+1:

You would need to give that group access to the report first from the query so they’re authorised to receive it:

They’re simple lists though, so may not be quite what you’re looking for:


I also found this feature request for including the results as a CSV attachment too:


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