Howto/doc on 'data explorer'

Hi guys.
Would there be a doc/tutorial for non-webdev on how to use data/queries/results in topics/posts? I searched but failed to find one. Thanks.

Did you find

Maybe the other topics with sql-tutorial help you too.

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Thanks. I’ve thumbed through it - perhaps I’ve gone blind - but cannot see bits which would mention “incorporating” queries/results into a topic/post, into its content.

I don’t believe this is currently something you can do. There is an Automation that will send results to a PM or email. Perhaps you could check that out and see how it does it?


How people do it then or how to understand when someone says “… manually created a new topic using the data from the Published Pages query above, then published it at `/pub/index…” ?
That is a quote from another topic about “indexing published pages”

Copy and paste?

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“manually created” for means that they created the topic normally and pasted in the stuff from the data explorer.

It might help if you say more about the specific problem that you are actually trying to solve.

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Oh. I presumed that - since it looked like a “hot” topic to me - that proposed idea was a solution to have a dynamic index of published pages. I thought that was the idea behind it - to have TOC/index for published pages, dynamic index.

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