Data Explorer - list of notification status per category

How would I get a list of who’s watching/tracking/etc a category? Or even just a number of users per notification level? Thanks.

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I believe this will work:

SELECT * FROM category_users WHERE category_id = '10'

Just change the category ID appropriately.

It displays all possible notification levels, though I’m not sure what the numbers listed mean exactly. They seem to run from 2-4. Presumably tracking, watching, and watching first post, in that order.


Exactly. This is the complete list of notification levels.

notification_level description
0 muted
1 regular
2 tracking
3 watching
4 watching first post
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Thanks. I modified that slightly to get what I needed:

SELECT notification_level, COUNT(notification_level)
FROM category_users 
WHERE category_id = '5'
GROUP BY notification_level
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