Data-Explorer query: Pulling all the raw data?

Hi All,

First off, my apologies because I have absolutely no knowledge of SQL’s query language.

I’m trying to get some links with Discourse analytics and PowerBI. We already have some data that’s linked between the forums and other connected aspects, but the forum data is elusive. I’ve linked some queries with PowerBI and the connection works. My question is, is there a query (or queries) that I could use to pull all data (Like every comment, like, view, etc) or at least most of the data rather than the summarized data info that most of the SQL queries I’ve seen produce? That’s useful, but I’d be able to get more out of it if I can export the underlying data.

Or perhaps there’s another way beyond Data-Explorer?


Have you looked at the csv that you can download? It should have all the data from the query.

If there are columns missing that you want, you’ll need to be more explicit about exactly what you want and perhaps what you’re doing that is not working.