Data Explorer query to find replies that match criteria

Hi everybody!

I need to find all replies within all topics in the category that match special criteria.

:white_check_mark: - check only posts with a text :white_check_mark:
@free - check only this user
#feedback - check within this category
after:2020-03-01 - within the last 2 weeks

Within one topic there may be numerous replies (posts) with a necessary text. All these replies should be count.

The queries will be different by the user. I need to have a list of data with numbers:

1 column: user
2 column: number of posts
3 column: link to search results

Example of page with results:

period: 2020-07-01:2020-07-08

free (user) _______ 45 (number of posts)

user1 (user) _______ 10 (number of posts)