Data Explorer + Tableau

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Pretty much as in the title. We want to get some data from our Data Explorer queries to Tableau report. Is there any guide / community thread that will guide us how to connect Tableau to our Discourse Data Source (which is PostgreSQL I guess).

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The following article should give you some guidelines as Power BI & Tableau is almost the same :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Is there a way to simply configure it manually so I can connect the PostgreSQL database that Data Explorer is running upon directly?

the PostgreSQL DB is inside the discourse container.

I found this article. I hope this helps

We’ll try that and eventually circle back to you!

The problem is that there is no way to connect to PostgreSQL through docker when it comes to data sources in Tableau

I need to provide following details:

Can you provide me @IAmGav with further guidance on that?

Address would be discord IP

Username: root

Password: would be root password

Db name: note sure would need to go check it

Disclaimer: I have not done this myself yet

Address would be Discord IP?

Dear @Konrad_Sopala

The easiest way to accomplish what you want is to run Tableau in a Docker container.

That way, you can take advantage of the core Docker networking capablities between containers.

However, if you run Tableau outside Docker, you are going to have “a bear of a time” trying to get this to work smoothly.

Hope this helps.


See also:

Note: This docker image might help things along (not tested or checked out):