DeepL support for Discourse Translator

Thats great, hope the post its helpful for you.

Yes indeed, its not that easy as it seems at first glance. Do you actually know how the translation option would be visible for users, once implemented? I’m sure there are probably a few ways, but we are wondering if it would look like the translator plugin, with the visible button under each post?

Do you know something about that?

What I am hoping is that it will be exactly the same but just using a different translation service provider in the back. Just DeepL instead of google translate.


Are there any news about that?

I need the Discourse Translator but I don’t want to use MS, Google or Yandex.

As I can see you don’t need a pro account from DeepL? But it’s limited to 500k chars/signs.

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I recommend you make a #marketplace topic and offer a bounty, we are open to accepting a PR that adds DeepL support.


Why should I do this and pay for this?
Am I the only one who asked for it?

The options are:

  1. Someone outside CDCK contributes it.
    1. Someone with a personal interest in this writes it themselves
    2. Someone pays someone else, such as through the marketplace, to write it
  2. CDCK writes it
    1. A paying customer is willing to pay specifically for it
    2. Substantially many paying customers request it
    3. CDCK, in their own independent judgment, decide to spend time on it for their own reasons.

I think that complaining and expecting someone else to do the work for free is unlikely to be motivating either for CDCK or a third party.

I personally would appreciate this feature; as far as I am aware DeepL is the only translation service with a free tier, and I run a Discourse forum that is completely free and takes in no revenue to pay for translation services. But that doesn’t imply that anyone is obligated to write this feature for me, any more than it obligates me to write the feature because I wish it existed.


Just created #marketplace topic for this PR:

Not sure if the pricing is fine enough, but let’s see.
This month’s price for Google translation using the plugin cost us around $250, which is kind of too much for us, given the fact we don’t monetize this feature at our forum.

Nobody told you should. This is called “contribution”. Wanna split the cost?


I don’t know who or what CDCK is!

I never wrote that I want this plugin for free! And like I said before I just asked if there are news about it! So why do you blame me?

@sam told me to open a marketplace topic.

I have to think about it.

In another topic I wrote that I cannot code in Ruby, but I can code in other languages, so maybe I will have a look at it.


That would be Discourse themselves.

Civilised Discourse Construction Kit :wink:


There’s no cannot in IT :wink:

Once you’ve learned a few languages Ruby is a delight and very straightforward.

What takes more time is learning Ruby on Rails which is a framework and has its own idiosyncrasies.


Keep in mind too as there is now a marketplace topic fellow like minded community members could look at pooling funds to make it a reality much like a KS project idea.

Never heard about it, thanks for the clarification.

Yes I know, it’s more like “I don’t want it (like Java)”.

I saw it and I would pay for it, but only if it wouldn’t get available for free for all others. Why should I pay for something and all others have the benefit? In this case I’m an asshole and I know it.
I could live with it if someone would develop it and everyone who needs it would pay for a license, maybe as a lifetime license or monthly/yearly with support for updates and bugfixes.

That’s why it is open source. Do you feel uncomfortable using Discourse for free in the beginning? Considering you use it as a self-hosted solution like may of us do. Just think about how much it cost to develop this system to this day. In developer costs it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and yet both developers and community decided to share these developments with others, giving an example for everyone else to contribute further. Our marketplace request will hopefully be merged to the original Translator plugin, which will make it free to use for everyone.


To be clear:
Not every forum software is free, for example vBulletin.
If Discourse wouldn’t be free I would pay for it.
Before Discourse I used other forum software and there I paid for several themes and plugins.

There quite a few plugins that have had multiple contributors or even just one.

Discourse Docs plugins for example was sponsored by Western Digital iirc.

In Opensource there is a lot of sponsored development either direct or by donations.


You’re right, but I don’t pay for it if we are only two people.
There are a few others who asked for it before me.

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Hemce why I mentioned idea of KS a plugin. More ppl whom contribute makes it cheaper for all whom have the interest.

As you said you program you know it can be a lot of work to develop. For example if a dev needed $500 and 10 ppl joined together it is only $50ea. More contributors the lower cost by a joint co venture.

Just need to see if others are willing able to help with funding.


Then let’s wait for others who will join the funding for this plugin. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Perhaps DeepL themselves might be interested in providing integration support. We could ask them.

Hi I have had originally contact with them which yielded this free tier. I did ask then but they mentioned they could support/clarify/be in touch but not put in development effort.

I can contribute testing and try again with the DeepL folks. Would be willing to pay 50 bucks tops out of my own pocket. I run a super small community that is not for profit.


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