Default view only showing 2 poster avatars, unlike Discourse Meta

In my forum, I only see 2 user avatars next to the topic title & category…

unlike Discourse Meta which has up to 5.


It’s not a CSS or display issue. The rendered code via inspector shows there are actually only 2 avatars rendered on the markup. I can’t seem to find a setting or config to change this. Yesterday as I was playing with import, delete, import, delete, I did indeed see 5 avatars next to the active posts like this:



Sounds like something tweaky is going on? There are daily reconciliation tasks to fix any data oddities and also statistics tasks that run as well.

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Hmmm… maybe I’m trying too hard. Yes, lots of import, delete, repeat. Here’s what I’m doing, for the record. Thanks to a modified version of @lead4good here

#I am running from /var/discourse/myscripts
require_relative '../discourse/config/environment' 

cnt = 0
Topic.find_each do |t|
# Earlier topics ok to keep like FAQ, Welcome, etc.
# t.user_id -2 is discobot. I don't want to delete all 
#  of the "Greetings" topics for my new users
  if > 6 && t.user_id != -2 
    puts "Topic: #{}, #{t.title}, #{t.user_id}"
	cnt = cnt +1
puts "Deleted #{cnt} topics where > 6 && t.user_id != -2"

Whatever it was, it’s fixed overnight. Any way to trigger the task via Sidekiq?