Show all users in a PM

On another forum (Discourse of course) a question came up as to whether the number of users’ avatars shown in the PM can be increased from the default of 10 users. As it is now, it shows the avatars of the first 10 and then +1. Can this number be increased using css or another method?

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I don’t get what you mean, could you share a screenshot please?

This is how it looks on my forum (PM with 11 users):

I’m thinking the number of avatars shown may depend on how long the username is…


I’m talking about at the upper left corner of the PM which continues to show even as one scrolls down though the posts.


One user inadvertently invoked Discobot whose avatar was placed first (at the far left) and the 10th user’s avatar was replaced with a “+1”. Next month we expect to have one more user invited to this PM, so we were wondering if there was a way to increase the number of avatars shown at the top left.

I’m not talking about the post that appears at the top of the discussion that shows all the users’ avatars, but what appears at the upper left that is stationary as one scrolls down through the messages. That’s where additional avatars disappear and are replaced with +1, +2, etcetera.

Oh, we did remove Discobot from the list and the 10th user’s avatar now appears again. My guess is that this list is limited to the first 10 users and additional users are included as a “+n” at the end.


I don’t think this can be changed easily with CSS, as you can see here discourse/header-topic-info.js at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub the maximum number of users shown (when there are no tags in the PM header) is 10, as you guessed.

The avatars to show are set based on this logic discourse/header-topic-info.js at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Maybe there is something you could do, but it would require complex Javascript, or a custom plugin.


Okay, thank you. I’ll advise the others it’s a no go. :smiley: