Defining DISCOURSE_S3_CDN_URL links to assets in S3 CDN URL

I had this problem before and decided that I was crazy, confused, or the database on the site was suspect, but this is on a brand new site. Also, I was on Digital Ocean spaces, so I thought it might be a problem somehow.

I’m trying again to figure out how to keep images on AWS S3 like I think the Big Boys do.

Here’s what I have in the env section:

  DISCOURSE_S3_BACKUP_BUCKET: 'lc-xyz/backups'
  DISCOURSE_S3_UPLOAD_BUCKET: 'lc-xyz/uploads'

When I include the s3 cdn url the site breaks because all of the links to the assets are on S3 like

Because if you define s3 cdn url Discourse looks for the assets on the s3_cdn_url.

I did a rebuild, but the assets are still missing. I can do a

rake s3:upload_assets

Is there an after_bundling_assets stanza that I could add that to? (I know about after_db_migrate and after_bundle_exec, but don’t know if those would work.)

Do assets get produced some other time? (It would seem like when themes get modified assets would change.)

If I also had a “push CDN like normal”, would that keep this from happening?

Is there some best practice that I’m missing?

You can use after_assets_precompile as the hook for that rake task.


Aha! Thanks very much for that. Where does the list of those things live?

I’m still confused why this is necessary, especially since you seemed confused before. (Or maybe I should be happy that I can push all this stuff to S3, now that I know how to do it–And I think that it was you who said that one could use CloudFlare’s free CDN to front an AWS bucket.)