Delegate poll votes to another person/persons

Request, possibility to delegate vote to another person/persons.

Hi, we currently have a solution for voting with liquid democracy, giving the possibility to delegate your vote to another person/persons if you don´t have the time/ like to vote on your own.

Our developer doesn´t have any time and we are stuck with a system that constantly goes down.
I don´t see why we can´t use your system instead with a lot of benefits, but we need to implement the possibilty to delegate votes since it´s our key concept.

Is this something you could do?
Our current solution is open sourse, but written in pearl so I don´t know how complicated it would be to implement such a solution?

You find all information at:

Please advice us how to proceed…

Moved this from the Discourse Voting topic to keep it clean.

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This doesn’t feel like it would work very well if you shoehorned it on top of an ideation system. Each topic can only have one vote counter. Even if you tie the options together with tags, it’s not too discoverable.

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Hmm… seems we are in the wrong topic, thought this was the original function for voting in any subject, not the function voting for topics. Can anyone guide us to the original functions topic please.

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Voting in any subject is called “polls”.

  • These
  • Are
  • Polls

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Aha, we have it translated and use the same name for both. Thx

Can any admin move our Q to the proper category?

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That has been done already, I moved your post from the voting topic to the #feature category where we discuss improvements to current features in Discourse, which is what your post is about.

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