Topic voting on behalf of user by moderator

Many idea topics that are open to voting on our forums come from phone calls and less computer-savvy users. For issues, we often create the first few topics on behalf of the users to make them acquainted to Discourse. With topics that can be voted upon, it is currently not possible as a moderator to register interest in an idea on behalf of a user.

Therefore suggestion to allow moderators (maybe some privileged) to manually register a vote on a topic on behalf of another user.

Is similar to [Feature Request] Edit Vote Count, but that topic orients on batch-loading data from 3rd party voting systems instead of manual entry for users already registered in Discourse.


I’m assuming you’re referring to topic voting and not poll voting?

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Thanks for pointing the unclarity out. I have altered the original text.

At the moment, an admin can Impersonate said user and cast a vote. It’s not the most straightforward UX, but it’s doable.


That is a great workaround which works for not too large volumes, but suffices for our purpose.

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