Delete my account

I don’t have any need for this account anymore, so I’d like to delete it…however, turns out I can’t do that myself.
Can you please delete my account and remove or at least anonymize all personal information related to it?

Please confirm the successful account deletion to me.

*** Personal opinion***
I strongly dislike sites that don’t have a “delete my account” button. Even if you have to anonymize some data, it’s no excuse to lock a user’s information in place like that. Every time this happens I feel betrayed and can’t help but put a note in my head to never sign up again…cause it’s such a pain to delete my account afterwards…
Other than that discourse is a really awesome product.

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If you have only one or two posts and your account is new, you can self delete.


Hmm, the link in my first post said I could only do it if I had equal or less than 1 post. I searched for the “delete my account” button in Preferences->Account before I wrote this topic (2 topics posted at that time) but couldn’t find any such button.

So I created this topic, which is my third topic on this account. Also, I created this account a while ago (at least 6 months), so it’s not exactly new. According to your answer, this means I can’t self delete anymore, now that I have a total of 3 topics posted.

Could you please delete the account and anonymize personal information that you are not able to delete?

Yes of course, just wanted to be clear for future readers there is a way to delete accounts if they are new with only 1 or 2 posts.


For the record, I’m seeing 5 posts on your profile plus these two, so you were already well past the safety threshold.