Users self-deleting/anonymizing?

Just received this oh so gracious “request” from a user:

Delete my forum account, **** … you have not given me any means to anonymize or delete the account, and there is no way to contact the moderators on your variant of this crap forum software. Ensure none of my personal data remains there.

As a global admin, I can (and did) anonymize the account. And then I went to my own preferences to figure out what this person could have done for him/herself. And found… nothing.

Did we forget to toggle something, or does this really not exist?


As far as I know, this answer’s still valid today:

But there should be an easy way to contact your staff for such queries. If personal messages are disabled, it might be an issue. On my forum, I’ve added this in my privacy section, because users can send PMs starting from TL1:

And also, there’s an email address at the end of the /about page.

You might also be interested in this theme component:


There’s also the delete user self max post count admin setting:


The setting is there until a user passes delete user self max post count.

This theme component is a good remedy if you want to keep something in the UI:

Edit: oof, @canapin was way ahead with that one :facepalm:

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I also vote for this feature, it’s sorely missing and allowing users to self anonymize and delete their data would be a much appreciated feature to allow admins to comply with regulations as well as their company policies. I think discourse should let admin’s decide what’s in the best interest of their users and respective sites. Allowing users to self anonymize and delete their accounts will be immensely helpful

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