‘delete user self max post count’ not accepting ‘-1’ to disable

It’s impossible to add “-1” value as it doesnt register “-”.

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I can repro this. There was a similar issue with another setting the other day. Let me see if I can get someone to take a look. :+1:

It looks like the issue was introduced here:

And it’s probably related to not providing @min= here:


Tested this and seems to be problem with text input for desktop, for some reason typing “-” won’t write in to those settings, but works fine on mobile app and for desktop can simply copy/paste “-1” in for that setting and works then.

I used 0 and that worked as well.

Well if the setting is at zero, does this mean accounts can still be self-deleted as long as there are no posts? Negative one is different than zero.

Yes, after I used “0” it disabled the self-service account deletion for all users.

For me there is still an option for a user to delete their account if they have not published any posts when that setting is set to zero.

I just now created a dummy user account, with zero posts and the delete my account is visible with value “0”.

After I created one post from the dummy account, i had to log out and in, then the delete my account disappeared. So, yes we need the ability to insert “-1” to disable the self-service account deletion for all users including the users with 0 posts.

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The fix for this will be here, should be merged later today:


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