Deleting a User on Discourse


My team help moderate the Wattpad Community Forums and recently we’ve come up with something that’s kinda stumping us. A Wattpad user can close their own Wattpad profile any time they like, but there doesn’t seem to be a mechanism whereby the same user can also close their Discourse profile.

From what I can work out only Admins can remove a profile and they have two options, anonymise or delete accounts. The former is preferable I would assume as it keeps discussions intact but removes references to the user (unless the user in question has referenced themself in the body of their post). Deleting is apparently possible and is meant to remove the profile and all posts made by that profile, but this note is also on the website “Users can’t be deleted if they have posts. Delete all posts before trying to delete a user. (Posts older than 60 days old can’t be deleted.) - so I’m a little confused.

One of our users has asked us to completely remove any trace of them on our forums in accordance with GDPR, but we can’t seem to remove them completely so I’d very much appreciate some help with this one if possible.

Thanks in advance, Gavin

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Hi Gavin,

If you absolutely want to delete the user rather than anonymize, an admin can temporarily increase the delete user max post age and delete all posts max site settings to allow the user to be deleted.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give that a go.

Cheers, Gav

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