Deleting tags in a round-about manner

It seems particularly difficult to delete a tag from the system. In particular, if you have no current topics with the tag attached (for example if you have removed them all to delete the tag or if you have created a tag that needs deletion), it seems the only way to delete a tag is to create a topic with the tag (or attach the tag to a an existing topic) then delete the tag from there and delete the topic you just created to delete the tag.

It would seem to be more logical to be able to delete them in the /tags page but you can only delete and manage tag groups there is seems.

Is there an easier way to do this?

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Any thoughts here @neil?

I just go to the tag page (ex: and click the red delete button on top right.


I tried this, but I still did not delete the tag. Sorry if you just delete the tags page, it still appears in the topic field


I just used it now and deleted the pg10 tag here on Meta. Looks like it worked fine. :thinking:

The only topic that had the tag doesn’t have it anymore also: PG throws could not resize shared memory segment error


Hi @Falco - thanks for your reply. I must be missing something, on my /tags page there is no red button on the right (even if I am logged in as admin)

You want the tag page, not the tagS page.

Click on the tag you want to delete, and on that page there will be a delete button.


AH I got it - but \I think that is exactly the issue - the only way to get to the tag page is via a topic with the tag attached. If there is no topic with the tag attached, how do you get to the tag page? There seems to be no way of getting there via the tags menu…

(and yes, deleting the tag is just fine once you are on the tag page.)

I think what I would expect is that the tags would appear listed on the tags page (rather than only those that are currently set into a tag group)

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So @falco - sorry I think I could have expressed this issue better if I had understood it better (as I think I do now thanks to your help so far…)

The issue is that even if a tag is not attached to any topic, it still EXISTS (and is selectable by a poster). So it needs to be deleted if we don’t want anyone to use that tag.

However, if a tag is not attached to any topic, it no longer appears in the /tags page so cannot be accessed to delete it.

Does that make more sense (as an explanation of the issue…)?


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Just making sure that you found out that you can click on a tag from the /tags page to edit and delete it, even if it hasn’t been used on a topic.


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