Design in messages (change)


In private messages I see:


Maybe the menu on the left is a mess? Maybe add an icon or remove an icon to align menu items?

Maybe. I’m thinking tweaking list-style-position might be good enough without adding a list marker icon.

Got a mock-up of what you think would be an improvement?

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Options can be many.

  1. remove: <i class="fa fa-group d-icon d-icon-group glyph"></i> and add to li class: archive

  1. or add an icon to the last item.

A single icon is evident. Or add another icon to highlight a group. Or to remove it.

Would not it be good for you this way?

Without removing icons or anything but just aligning Archive under the group name.
Add another icon I think it would be too “heavy” for the page graphics.


Yes, that’s an option. I was just saying that you can remove or add an icon to align. Accordingly, to move the inscription: Archive

.user-navigation .nav-stacked li.archive {
     padding-left: 30px; // was - padding-left: 15px;

Feel free to submit a PR.