Dev environment running out of disk space

My Discourse dev environment (ubuntu VM) is running out of disk space, despite doubling the VM’s disk size to 24GB last week. Do I need to manually delete old versions of Discourse or run a cleanup script or something? I can’t think of why else I’d be running out of disk space again since my instance of Discourse only has two users and a couple dozen posts.

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Probably log files,

rm -fr tmp/*

You can run ncdu to find where all the space is (apt-get install ncdu)


Looks like the tmp folder under discourse doesn’t have that much.

  123.3 MiB [##########] /cache                                                                                         
   25.8 MiB [##        ] /stylesheet-cache
    2.5 MiB [          ] /ember-rails
  948.0 KiB [          ] /spec
   88.0 KiB [          ] /avatar_proxy
   12.0 KiB [          ] /javascript-cache
    8.0 KiB [          ] /download_cache
    8.0 KiB [          ] /pids
e   4.0 KiB [          ] /letter_avatars
e   4.0 KiB [          ] /backup_assets
    4.0 KiB [          ]  rspec_result
    4.0 KiB [          ]  plugin-hash

The entire discourse folder apparently only has 1.2GB. Is anything for Discourse stored elsewhere that I can check directly so I don’t have to wait scanning the whole drive?

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Try cleaning up your Docker images and containers, if you’re using it:


Perfect, that’s what I needed!

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Is there any particular reason you’re not saying

./launcher cleanup

here? That seems like a much clearer, simpler piece of advice to give people?


In general this is totally right, but we don’t really have this helper on our dev docker path. We should certainly have a ‘d/cleanup’ for our dev docker setup, @riking maybe add that?


Sure, started DEV: Add docker cleanup script to d/ folder by riking · Pull Request #9082 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Lint appears to have flaked?


Sorry I missed that this was a dev question!