Development Installation Safe?


i choosed Discourse as a Forum Software because of the Features. Unfortnuatley i cannot run Docker on my Current server and i saw that the Development Installation dioesnt use Docker is it safe to run the Development installation until i get the Server Upgrade ( 1 month )


It’s not about being safe or not. We have to define a “supported install” or we would have to debug and help people on an unlimited list of installs.

Long story short: if you are not using Docker, you are on your own if something is not working, and we probably won’t help you if it doesn’t work. And this is inherently less safe, as it will be less tested and you could end up doing insecure things.


Just to answer something very specific here.

never ever run the development version (RAILS_ENV=development) in production. This will result is extremely insecure setup, that is both slow and potentially reveals information to anonymous users they should not have


You can use a cloud provider like digitalocean for $5 for that month. If you find a referral link you can get 60 data free. That is what I would recommend until you can get your server upgrade.