Different color unspecified in color scheme appearing

Hi, I was creating a new color scheme and this dark blue suddenly appeared in most elements and title colors but I have not specified this exact color anywhere in the color scheme. I’m utterly confused.

While we have 10 base colors you can define in the color scheme menu, we actually generate 22 more colors from those that are used throughout Discourse (you can see all the colors here, this page was generated by our Styleguide plugin).

In this case specifically, your primary color #f8f8ff is slightly blue, and it’s being darkened to create suitable contrast so it stands out against secondary (the site’s background) while primary colored text is still also readable on top of it.

You can experiment a little to see the effects. If you change primary slightly to #eff1f4, for example you get

or if you remove the blue from your primary and make it #f8f8f8 you get

If you want to dictate specific colors for every element, custom CSS is the way to go.


Ohh I get it, thank you so much for an amazing explanation! :smile:

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