Digest: Difference between popular Posts and popular Topics

(Slind) #1

I was wondering what the difference between popular Posts and Topics is in the weekly new email.
The Posts part seems to be identical with the weekly top page Discourse Meta
I also found this about its algo Improving the "Top" criteria
But how is the topics part different then?
Or is it just the continuation of the weekly top page below entry 5?

It feels a bit off that the first one is called top Posts although those all being Threads/Topics. Which causes a little confusion for me.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

It is top posts, to see how it works, enter any topic with > 50 replies and click the “Summarize This Topic” button under the first post.

(Slind) #3

Hmm. I’m talking about this weekly mail:

The section “Popular posts” is identical with Discourse Meta which is about Topics not posts from what I understand. Those topics don’t have 50+ posts and the post in the email is always the first one.

The second section “Popular topics”, is this the continuation in short of the first section? Otherwise I don’t understand it.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

That is indeed a bit pointless. We’ll soon be redesigning the activity summary mail, in which popular topics will be the first to be highlighted. I think another change we should consider is changing Popular posts to Popular replies.