Direct Registration Feature: How To Implement

Wishing you a joyous Christmas Eve!

I am interested in knowing whether there is a method by which I can personalise the subforum interface. My thorough investigation of the forum has yet to yield a clear answer as to whether this capability is inherent or if it requires a purchase from the marketplace.

I seek to integrate a registration feature directly within the undercard interface. As the proprietor of the forum, my preference is to have this functionality accessible here, rather than necessitating navigation to the user profile section.

Could you clarify what you want? It’s kinda unclear what you want here.

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Depending on what you want you can configure a variety of things to show on the user card. As @Firepup650 has we need better details on what your looking for.

Here is a couple of screenshots on configuring the user card

This 2nd SS the bottom 3 are user fields. On Meta Here they added pro noun preferences.

I believe there is a theme-component that also add or change things in the user card.

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What is your definition of a “registration feature”. That suggests you want to change the method by which someone registers with the forum?

Under the card? You mean underneath the floating modal user interface on the main interface?

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Good morning,

Thank you for all the recommendations thus far! My apologies for the confusion; I didn’t mean the undercard but rather the user card.

What I aim to accomplish is to show their registration/joined date on the user card.

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It appears to be a relic from the year 2014.