Disable oneboxing for github text files

(kirsten greed) #1

If I paste in a link say

the preview looks like

a few weeks ago the preview would be much smaller and more graphical
How do I go back to how it used to work?

Interestingly the link looks correct to me on this meta.discourse.org site

but not on my own Discourse, even though I have upgraded to the latest version

(Cameron:D) #2

It looks like your screenshot shows a link direct to the readme file, not the repo index.

Testing to see:

(kirsten greed) #3

:facepalm: :slight_smile: ah that explains it. Thankyou. Now to figure out how to turn off the preview for the Read Me.

(Cameron:D) #4

I think putting < > around the link will stop the embedding, like so: