Disable the activity summary after some time

i tend to get “spammed” by multiple discourse activity summaries.

it’s only once a week or once a month, so i normally tend to just delete the email and go on with my life.

this morning, i took the time to follow the link [12] in the footer:

This summary is sent from [Atom Discussion][1] when we haven’t seen you in a while. Change [your email settings][12], or [click here][13] to unsubscribe.

it’s nicely done, really pleasant but, when i wanted to tweak the settings i’ve noticed that he option i would have set is missing. the current formulation in the one specific forum i’ve been using is:

When I don’t visit here, send me an email summary of popular topics and replies
[ Weekly v]

personally, i’d like to separate the summary on popular topics from the ones on the replies… and get it to stop after some time after my last visit / post.

my proposal is:

When I don’t visit here, send me an email summary of
popular topics [ Weekly v] [ forever v] after the last [reply v] and
replies [ Weekly v] [forever v ] after the last [visit v]

where the “timer option” contain

  • forever
  • for one week
  • for one month

the option choice between reply and visit in the trigger might be a bit over-engineered (you might pick on of both and hard set it…)

i understand that you are trying to keep the options as simple as possible, but as discourse becomes more and more popular more and more often i’m “forced” to use it for one-time contributions (like this one).
i will not be part of the community, but i’m really interested in getting the replies to my topic without having to come back every day. and it’s nice to get some insight on what happens in the community.
but this should stop automatically after some time, until i come back for a different matter, of course!
and if i do a further contribution, it should automatically restart pinging me.

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This is already happening – it’s just that the timeout isn’t user-configurable. Instead, it’s controlled by the site setting suppress digest email after days, which defaults to 365 days :slight_smile:


a sane default is also a way to solve the issue (since i don’t expect any forum admin to tweak it)

i would say that if somebody has not come back after three digest mails, then it’s time to stop… (and maybe add a simple notice of this in the UI, without a way for the user to change the behavior).