Disagreed flags giving positive score?

From my perspective,
Agreed flags: Score +1
Ignored flags: No score change
Disagreed flags: Score -1

I’m assuming it’s supposed to be a negative number for disagreed flags?

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If you’re counting agree and disagree separately why would disagree need to be negative?

He’s talking about the score, I understand.
You can probably see it as a “total” (but why call it “score”, then ?)

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The issue is that ignored flags already give 0 score, and agreed flags give 1. So by looking at that shouldn’t disagreed flags be -1 score?

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Did you catch that you can mouse over the (?) icon to get a summary of the report?

Perhaps the text could be clearer, but it currently says:

List of users ordered by ratio of staff response to their flags (disagreed to agreed).

It is not a sum; it is the rate of how often their flags are agreed with.