Disallow external links based on type of link and trust level (eg permit YouTube only)

I would like to only allow external links in posts/profiles for leader TL but disable external links for all below TL, how can i do this?

Basically i only want all TL3 and below to only allow internal linkings to my site but disallow any external links except youtube video embeds etc.

How can i achieve this?

I don’t believe you can distinguish by type of link …

Yes, if discourse core provides a way for distinguish by internal and external links and allowing or disallowing external and internal links by Trust level, it will be a great option to have.

Who can take care of this, if i want to request in Core discourse?

Sorry if my response was not clear. I screenshotted current core option. What you describe in this quote is already possible.

What is missing is the ability to discriminate on what external links are allow listed by domain for everybody.

I’ve moved and retitled it for you. Failing that #marketplace